Install Ra-Ya SDK
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Install Ra-Ya SDK

Article Summary

The Ra-Ya SDK is a python package that allows to execute various commands from the CLI, this tool helps you to create apps, debug code and executing it in a real robot

Operating Systems

The Ra-Ya SDK is currently compatible with the following operating systems:

OSVersion (tested)
LinuxUbuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 20.04, and derivated.*
Windows10, 11

*Linux compilation of Ra-Ya SDK is a completely static build, so it should work with most of the recent Linux distributions over anaconda virtual environments.



You need an installed version of Python 3.8.10.

Install Docker and verify that you can execute commands without sudo:

After you finish the Docker installation steps, please reboot your computer


The packages are hosted using PyPi
Ra-Ya SDK package
Ra-Ya Python library package

In order to install it execute:

python3 -m pip install rayasdk raya

raya is a requirement of rayasdk, but it always tries to download the last “release” version, to install a “pre-release” version, you must explicitly define the version, to check if the installation was correct open a new terminal and run:


This should output

usage: rayasdk [-h] [-v | -q] 
               {init,scan,connect,run,simulator,kill,update} ...
rayasdk: error: the following arguments are required: command

Well done! the environment is ready and we can start creating your first robotics app!

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