Create your First App (Simulation)
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Create your First App (Simulation)

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This section describes how to create a simple Ra-Ya app.

We are going to create an application that is going to be executed on a real robot, For now we are going to test that everything is installed correctly with a Hello world example.

Download or update the simulator

The Ra-Ya SDK have a command to download the necesary files to run the simulation, open a terminal and execute:

rayasdk update

The SDK will check if you have any version already on the system if not it will download it for you, if the update was ok the output should be:

SUCCESS: Raya_OS updated successfully
SUCCESS: Everything is up to date

Open & activate the simulator

Once the simulator is downloaded execute this command on a terminal:

rayasdk simulator

This command will execute the Ra-Ya OS locally on your system and will open the simulator, if is the first time that the simulator is being run it will ask you for a user, just follow the steps and log in, DO NOT CLOSE THE TERMINAL THAT IS RUNNING THE SIMULATION, if you do you will have to kill the Ra-Ya OS container and make sure that there is not a process running on the background.

Connecting to the simulation

Open a new terminal and execute this:

rayasdk connect --simulator

The command can prompt you to do certain actions, Once that the connection is successfully you should see

You have successfully connected to the simulator

The connection is only necesary the first time, just make sure that the Ra-Ya OS is running on your system.

Creating the app

An Ra-Ya app need a structure in order to execute, The SDK will help you with this, open a terminal and execute:

mkdir hello_world
cd hello_world
rayasdk init

Now you should see that the folder contains files and directories, open with any editor the file inside the src directory, replace the content with the following code:

from raya.application_base import RayaApplicationBase

class RayaApplication(RayaApplicationBase):

    async def setup(self):
        # Create local attributes and variables'Hello from setup()')

    async def loop(self):
        # Loop'Hello world')

    async def finish(self):
        # Finishing instructions
        self.log.warn(f'Hello from finish()')

Run your app

You just wrote your first Ra-Ya app. It's time to run it!

Open a terminal and go to the project folder, and execute:

rayasdk run

The app will be sync to the Ra-Ya OS and is going to be launched, you should see on the output this

Syncing the app on the simulation...
Launching app...
(INFO)<> Hello from setup()
(INFO)<> Hello world
(WARNING)<> Hello from finish()

Congratulations you just executed an app.

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