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Testing your app against a real device can be a bit uncomfortable, and you might not have a Gary robot device next to you all the time during your app development process. For those reasons, we developed an emulator that will allow you to test your applications in a virtual environment. 


Open a terminal and run:

raysdk simulator

This command will download the simulator and open it. If a newer version is available, it will download the new version as well.

Getting familiar with the environment

Scene selector

The first screen that you will see is our scene selector step. Each scene simulates a different environment, with different objects and different layouts. Use the left/right button to switch between scenes and "start" to initiate the scene.

**Don't worry - You can modify the scene at any time**

Getting coordinates

Getting the coordinates of a specific location might be very important for your application development process, especially when it involves navigation and arm movement functionalities.

By clicking (and holding) the right mouse button, a green dot will appear showing the coordinates of that specific location.

Change camera angle


In the header menu, you have a "camera view" button that enables you to modify the angle of the camera. Each scene has several camera view angles in order to optimize the usage of the simulation.

Changing the scene


In the header menu, you have a "change scene" button that enables you to modify the scene to a different one.

Modifying sensors values

In order to create an environment that will be as close as possible to reality, we allow you to receive but also modify the sensors that are affected by the environment itself, like the temperature or the humidity.

If you want to modify a sensor value, just tap on it. A range bar will be open. Modify the value by dragging the bar or clicking in +/- buttons. 

Running an application

We consider the emulator as a robotic device, so the way to run an application is pretty similar to the way you should run the apps on a physical robot.

Just run "rayasdk run" command inside the project directory terminal.

Important note!
Verify that you run "rayasdk simulator" in a separate terminal before and that you scanned and connected the app to the emulator. For more information, please see step 3 in this section.

Emulator roadmap

We are continuously working on the emulator and adding new functionality and possibilities (like enabling different environments and adding gripper-grabbing functionalities). Join our Discord community channel to stay tuned with the upcoming releases and influence in our roadmap! 

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