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1. Overview

This controller allows you to manipulate all the leds groups that exist in the robotic device.
For example, Gary has leds in the head area, around the button, next to the sensors and in the bottom of the skirt.

Please notice that if you set animation repetition to zero, it will continue to play indefinitely.

2. Main arguments:

Groupgroups represent the area of leds that you want to manipulate. For example, "head" group will be used to play a led interaction in the head area.
Colorthe LEDS can be displayed in different colors. In order to see the entire list of possible colors, please visit this doc.
AnimationFor each group area, there are several animations that can be used in order to interact with the end-users. For example, "waiting" animation for head group will display a line moving from left to the right of the head

3. Using the Controller

from raya.application_base import RayaApplicationBase

class RayaApplication(RayaApplicationBase):
    async def setup(self):
        self.leds = await self.enable_controller('leds')

Leds controller methods:

Each method page includes standalone examples of their use.

3. Example

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