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1. Overview

Interactions are a simplified and easy-to-use way to interact with end-users, when trying to express a message like letting the user know that the robot is waiting for some input, that it's processing info or that the battery level is low.

May 2021 Gary's outputs

Due to the amount of communication outputs that the robot have (sound, head leds, chest leds, movements, touch screen, etc..), it can be complex to create a clear and simple interaction message. That's exactly the reason we developed the interactions controller - to use all those communication methods together, scheduled in an optimized way to pass the message clearly.

2. Interactions types

interaction nameoutputs involvedmeaningmore info
task_receivedhead leds, sound, chest ledsthe robot received an instruction (whether it is a task to perform or some other input that motivates an action on Gary’s behalf).Illustration of instruction received
task finishedhead leds, sound, chest ledsindicates that the robot completed a task/command/function.Ilustration of task finished
performing_taskhead leds, chest ledsan interaction used to show that the robot is busy performing somethingIllustration of performing a task

3. Using the controller

from raya.application_base import RayaApplicationBase
from raya.logger import create_logger as LogLevel

class RayaApplication(RayaApplicationBase):
    async def setup(self):
        self.interactions = await self.enable_controller('interactions')

controller methods:

4. Example

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