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1. Overview

Allows the robot to navigate to the desired goal destination in an autonomous way.

This controller will take care of planning the optimal path, avoiding obstacles, and verifying that the robot has arrived at the target destination.

2. Using the Controller

Creating the controller in your app:

from raya.application_base import RayaApplicationBase

class RayaApplication(RayaApplicationBase):
    async def setup(self):
 self.navigation = await self.enable_controller('navigation') 

The controller class includes a large set of methods to allow you to navigate easily and flexibly.

You can find all the methods divided into three groups:

  • maps & position- All the methods related to the robot's position and manipulating the maps.
  • navigation - All the navigation methods available to order the robot to navigate.
  • zones & locations - Helper methods to save predefined places and make the entire process smoother. 

4. Full examples

The following full examples use this controller:

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