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1. Overview

This controller will allow you to access the robot's Lidar. Using the Lidar can be helpful to detect obstacles, and distance from objects.

2. Gary's LiDAR Description

The LiDAR controller is making use of its own enumeration called ANG_UNIT to help you specify what kind of deg_info you rather work with.

3. Using the Controller

Creating the controller in your app:

from raya.application_base import RayaApplicationBase

class RayaApplication(RayaApplicationBase):
    async def setup(self):
        self.lidar = await self.enable_controller('lidar')

The controller class includes a set of methods to  access the LiDAR perception information:

It also includes the following methods to create listeners that trigger when different events are detected:

4. Full examples

The following full examples use this controller:

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