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As described in Platform Fundamentals section, using our Restful API is one of the tools that you can use to remotely access the sensors/controllers of the robot and also to send/get data from your embedded-pc code.


In order to access a Gary device or use the API against our simulator, you will need to get a security token. The Bearer token must be attached to any call under the Authorization header parameter.

Since our robot was not delivered yet, the best approach to check the API is with our emulator. Please follow the instructions below to get your auth token:

Docker should be running
Please verify that you launched your containers using docker-compose up. For more information, please follow the Environment Setup article.

1- Open https://localhost:8000/examples/screen and leave it open.

2- Call /auth/pair endpoint from Swagger.

3-Go to the previously opened Screen page and follow the displayed link.

4-Follow the authentication flow.

5-You should see the access token in /auth/pair's response in Swagger.

That's it! this is your Bearer access token. 

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