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Motion overview

  • Gary has many degrees of freedom- four omni wheels, and two arms each with seven DOF.
  • Gary’s motion can be for the most part operational, like cleaning the counter.
  • However, Gary’s motion capabilities can be used to convey messages and engage with the user. For example, Gary can point to an object or a person.

Motion atoms

Rest pose

This is how Gary’s arms are positioned when they are not performing any other action- the “elbows” are slightly bent.


Turning to the user

When the user needs to see Gary’s front (for example when something is displayed on the screen, when the user needs access to the finger sensors, exc…) Gary turns to the user.


Grabbing attention

When Gary has been waiting for an input from the user for a while and wishes to grab the user’s attention, it employs its ability to move to do so.


Going to the dock

When Gary is instructed to do so, or when Gary’s battery is extremely low, Gary navigates to the docking station.


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