Prepare for Release
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Prepare for Release

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To prepare your application for release, you need to configure and build a release version of your application. The configuration tasks are straightforward, involving basic tasks that help optimize your application and speed up the review & approval flow.

This article summarizes the main tasks you need to perform to prepare your application for release. The tasks that are described in this document apply to all robotic applications regardless of the type of your app (embedded/restful/hybrid).

Configuring Your application for release

Before you submit your app, we extremely encourage you to test it on a real Gary device. If you don't have one, you can contact us to arrange remote live testing in one of our hubs. For more information, click here.

In addition, please verify this checklist before you decide to submit your app for review:

  • Check your manifest file - All the controllers used in your app must be declared there.
  • Compress all the images used in your app to reduce the final app size. You can use free service to compress the images.
  • Verify that you have the required assets for app submission:
    • App icon (512x512, up to 1 MB).
    • At least 2 app screenshots (16:9 or 9:16 aspect ratio, up to 8MB each).
    • Promotional video (9:16 aspect ratio, 10-30 seconds length) - optional, but we highly recommend investing in this asset to increase your exposure and downloads conversion.

ZIP your code

Both embedded-pc code and client-side code need to be zipped before you upload your app.

In case you wrote only embedded-pc code or client-side code, you need to ZIP only the relevant code you wrote.

Zipping client-side code

Zipping code - mac OSZipping code - mac OS


You need to zip the build folder of your client-side app code.

For example, if you wrote your code using React, you should run "npm run build" command, that will create your production build folder. Just zip that folder and you are ready to go.

Zipping embedded-pc code

You need to zip all the files/folder inside the root folder of your project. Please note that you should not zip the root folder itself(!), but only the content of it.

Meet Ra-Ya Developer Center

All your applications should be submitted to Ra-Ya Developers Center, a platform built to manage all your developed apps.

The platform offers all the required tools from the application creation phase, through the application's performance monitoring, monetization, reviews, release updates, and maintenance.

Before you submit your first app, you need to create a developer account:

Create a developer account

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